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Eye-catching modern design

Possibility of using modules differently and independently from each other

Multiple combination options with 9 different sized modules

Rich cushions with different forms, sizes and patterns in modules

High comfort back cushion application

Soft textured, flamboyant and easy-to-clean knitted fabric feature

High comfortable seating structure thanks to the spring systems produced by heat treatment using high carbon wires.

Multi-layer sponge application to ensure high sitting comfort

Skeleton structure enriched with phosphate profile, consisting of 1st class E1 quality compressed particle board, mdf, and high-strength contra

Ease of cleaning with high, wooden-like stylish legs

Additional information

Full Set (3 pieces), 1 Single-Seat Sofa, 1 Double-Seat Sofa, 1 Triple-Seat Sofa


Soft Blue, Soft Green, Soft Grey, Soft Red, Soft Pink, Soft Brown, Soft Cream, Soft White, Brown Leather, Light Brown Leather, Blue Leather, Dark Grey Leather, Light Grey Leather, Green Leather, White Leather, Cream Leather, Dark Leather

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